Lessons from Nehemiah

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Today's reading: Nehemiah 1-13

Thank you for reading through and considering Nehemiah with me for the past few weeks. I hope you enjoyed this Book and learned much from it. Before moving on, let's take today to look back over this rich story and consider some of the valuable lessons we found in it.

One of my favorite passages from this account is where Nehemiah encourages the people to continue working after encountering opposition from Tobiah and Sanballat and learning of their plan to attack. Nehemiah's words in verse 14 are powerful, encouraging and motivating. "And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and to the officials and to the rest of the people, 'Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.'"

The lesson on leadership that stood out for me was Nehemiah's perseverance no matter what he encountered. Through it all, he kept his eyes on God, trusting and seeking His counsel.

What was your favorite chapter, scene and/or message from Nehemiah, and why? What was one lesson on leading you learned from this Book? How did Nehemiah's example encourage or motivate you? Tami

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The study of the book of Nehemiah has been a treat as your promised us in the first lesson!
Nehemiah throughout these 13 chapters has shown to be a man of prayer,purpose,and preserve for the Lord's Law and His work!

I have listed 7 best leadership qualities and I believe Nehemiah had them all and more as he focused on God as his Leader and His law.

Leadership qualities: ( Brian Tracy International web page)
1. Vision
2. Courage
3. Integrity
4. Humility
5. Strategic planning
6. Focus
7. Cooperation
He was a great communicator too.

I have enjoyed this month in the study of Nehemiah.

In Chapter 13 we see that Nehemiah was faithful in his calling from the start as we studied in chapter 1 and here in Chapter 13 he was willing to confront each person who were not obeying God's law and he was prepared to have replacements for those position with law-abiding people too.

Nehemiah himself is such an interesting person. As I read the book, I thought about him as a public servant, serving the people as well as serving God. We don't have exactly an equivalent today. But I am a government employee, and so I related this narrative to that. He saw and faced challenges, he found solutions, he encouraged workers, he recognized corruption and addressed it, he confronted people who were in the wrong (so hard!). He was fearless. What a leader. And I am touched by his last words: "Remember me, O God, for good." I am still pondering that, as I am not sure what that means. He was a man who lived before the Savior. He was devoted to God, but did not know how the Savior would come and die for for the sins of the people. Yet he knew he was a sinner; He knew that only God could judge; he knew he was at God's mercy. This humility and faith rings true and inspires me to strive like that against situations in my own life.

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