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Today's reading: Nehemiah 10:1-39

Nehemiah 10 provides us with the details of the covenant the Israelites entered into with God. The people commit "to observe and do all the commandments of the LORD our Lord and his rules and his statutes" (vs. 29). A primary emphasis of fulfilling this covenant was giving back to the Lord through a variety of offerings, giving of firstfruits and tithing.

Reading about the details of this covenant was good for me today because it prompted me to do some self-assessing about my own spiritual condition and my actions and words as I follow and serve God. If our goal is to grow spiritually and serve God more fully, it's to our benefit to occasionally pause, do some self-assessing and then take corrective action.

Think about following God fully and giving Him your best offerings and firstfruits. On a perfect day/week/month, what would that look like in your life? In what area(s) do you need to make adjustments so that you are following and serving God to the fullest? Tami

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Well speaking for myself I've missed the mark, but do realize it and pray to improve it all. I try to read God's Word on a daily basis. I attend church when possible but lately feel I'm missing out a lot when I miss attending. So yes I need to make some adjustments.

I need to ask the Lord to help me in answering these question that I need to apply in my life:
What are my best offerings and fruitfruits? Lord,show me what I need to know and do!
I would not have a perfect day/week/month! Sad but true.
Yes, I need to make adjustments in my life

Psalms 51 comes to mind,cleanse me, wash me,truth in my inward parts and hidden parts, and create in me a clean heart, O God;and renew a right spirit in me.

I need to be more loving to God and others,more forgiving,and more tender to the Lord in obey His Word.
This is start and I plan to write a list with God first as my daily goal.

Thanks, Tami I sure needed this study!!

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