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Today's reading: Nehemiah 2:9-20

The Book of Nehemiah tells the story of the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem led by a Godly man named Nehemiah. Nehemiah wasn't born into a royal family; he wasn't highly educated; he wasn't wealthy; he wasn't exceptionally skilled or gifted in a particular area. He was a common, ordinary person--who had a right relationship with God. As a result, God raised up Nehemiah and used him to accomplish great things.

Although we've only read two chapters of Nehemiah so far, what have these two chapters shown about how God uses ordinary people to accomplish His work? What has this Book shown you about how God could use you? What does this account reveal about the need for us to have and maintain a strong relationship with God (talking with God through prayer, spending time taking in His Word)? Tami

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It was important for Nehemiah to seek the Lord first before approach the King Artaxerxes.

Reading the Bible, studying it, confessing sins,getting to know Him more and to be prepared for the tests,tasks, opportunities to be a cup bearer for Him. I have tasted and have seen that the Lord is good, you can too! What a great way to share the good news since we have experienced and want to share it with others who have broken lives, pain and needs that only the Lord can repair.

I have been blessed so many times in reading God's word that it was used to convict me of a sin(s) in my life,and was like it was talking to me personally to encourage, guide and equip me for my day! We need the Word just like we get our orders/instructions from our boss, commander or in Nehemiah's case the king.

Tami, I see this life of Nehemiah in a secular job was serving both the King Artaxerxes and King ( God of Heaven)at the same time.He had his priorities in the right order, he went to the God of Heaven first.
Also, we see Nehemiah was being prepared to serve in a greater way with his experience no doubt a top military man who would be chosen to be a King's cup bearer and then to be used by God in a different place and position.

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