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Today's reading: Psalm 69:1-36

The first three verses of Psalm 69 spoke loudly to me because I have gone through some seasons like David is feeling and describing here. The most recent one of those seasons was only a year or so ago. At the time, it felt like my husband and I were never going to get an answer from God about our situation. Our eyes were definitely growing "dim with waiting" (vs. 3). I can't tell you how many teary conversations I had with God where I poured out everything and asked Him to help me stay strong because I knew in my heart that He was good and had our best interests in mind. And although we struggled with feeling weary in the wait, we chose to press forward, trusting God and His timing and continuing to give Him our praise.

As I write today, my husband and I are no longer in that waiting period. God is so good, loving and faithful! He was listening and moving all along even though we couldn't see it "Thank you, God, for walking with us always!"

When you're distressed, discouraged and defeated, do you talk candidly with God about what you're feeling? Why is this important? How does talking openly with God bring you strength, peace, patience, encouragement, comfort and draw you closer to Him? What helped or encouraged you from David's prayer today? Tami

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Thank for this insight! I feel like I'm in a waiting period right now, yet continuing to press forward. So encouraging! Thanks Tami!

David’s Prayer is a cry to God’s Help and mercy in his time of waiting. I am in my time of waiting and believe me, it seems like forever. Trusting in God is a discipline of our faith and like other disciplines, we have to exercise and grow in it. There are times when I wonder if God will answer me and when will this happen. The culmination of David’s prayer is to praise God in song and glorify him in Thanksgiving. He said that the sacrifice of praise and Thanksgiving is better than that of oxen and bull.

It is important to express our pain to God because it gives us assurance and comfort. He understands the pain of our hearts and the depths of our affliction. Talking openly to God reinforces his Sovereignty and his omniscience. In this, I’m always reminded of his awesome wonder.

Praise Jesus! So thankful to hear that your waiting period is over Tami and Jeff! Yes, God is good...all of the time!!

Yes, I do talk to the Lord the way you describe above in your blog.
Yes,when I talk to the Lord,the burden is lifted off of me and I can trust Him for the answer!! David amazing me how he can be so burden, "dim with waiting",but still praises the Lord!! May I do more praising Him while I sharing a burden to the Lord!!

We can ALWAYS trust the Lord to answer in His perfect timing!!

May many more join this blog and be blessed too!

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