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Today's reading: Nehemiah 2:9-20

Nehemiah's earthly title was a cupbearer to the king. So he didn't hold a position of leadership with regard to his work situation. Yet, as we begin to see in Nehemiah 2 and we will see even more throughout this Book, Nehemiah was an extraordinary leader to the Jews living in Jerusalem whom he gathers together to rebuild Jerusalem's broken-down gates and outer wall.

All of us are leaders in some manner whether we have an official title of leadership or not. I say this because we influence those we encounter (formally and informally) every day. That being the case, as we work through this Book together, don't be surprised if many of my daily blogs focus on and ask us to consider leadership lessons we can learn from this story. If you're interested in becoming a better leader (and I trust we all are), then Nehemiah's story is a must read.

Do you think of yourself as a leader? Why or why not? Take a few minutes to think about different areas of your life (home, work, school, friendships, church, extended family). How have you been and how are you currently influencing, impacting and guiding (leading) others? What's one lesson you learned from Nehemiah about leading from today's passage? Tami

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Tami,I do not see myself in a leadership position,but as you have it stated here, we are all leaders including me if we are being an influence for bad or good I would agree. I recall when I was a teenager working part time as a saleslady that an older employee told me that she was watching me with a customer. She was complimentary,but it was a wake up call to me that people are watching me (us)!

Tami you are a leader and your Bible study blog has caused to really think like I have never done and I in my 70's appreciate your faithfulness to us few and pray that it will grow because you have put forth a great Bible study that I enjoy daily!! Keep on being a faithful leader for Him!!

Lesson learn from Nehemiah. Nehemiah is being a follower to his Leader the God of Heaven, and in return he has eager to repair workers although there are those around who are mocking and opposing their work.

If God is leading us and He is for us who can be against us!!

Tami, This is indeed a treat! Keep doing a great leadership for Him!

At times, leaders must stand up to opposition. They must not be fearful, but plain speaking--not afraid to speak truth even when it may bring conflict down on them.

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