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Today's reading: Joshua 24:14-28

Growing up, Joshua 24:15 was a verse that I literally saw every single day. You see my parents had a plaque secured over the doorbell to the main entrance to our house with this verse on it. So whomever came to our door would know immediately that we were Christians who were committed to following and serving God. Although I didn't realize it at the time, my parents' choice to post and live by that verse impacted me greatly. So guess what I have in my home today, years later? A wall sign of Joshua 24:15 that declares to those who enter my home:

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15).

Although my parents have both passed on and are with the Lord, their legacy lives on. I am grateful for their godly example and how their choices and lifestyle have influenced, and continue to influence, my choices and lifestyle today.

Identify one example in the past two weeks of you living out Joshua 24:15, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." What does Joshua's impact on those around him suggest about the impact you have on your family? In your church? Workplace? School? Neighborhood? How much thought have you given to the legacy you're leaving for your family and those around you? Why is this important? Tami

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To be honest, this is no easy statement to deliver at the end of one's life journey. Joshua's whole life supports these solemn words. Be it the time when he came back after the Spying Mission in the Promised Land, be it the time he removed his shoes on the fields overlooking Jericho, proclaiming the Captaincy of God, all along, Spiritual Consistency is exhibited. A splendid declaration by a splendorous life. No wonder he was chosen to be the leader after the greatest leader, Moses.

Spiritual Consistency was a part of larger discussion over the last day.I was discussing with business peers who share the faith, how we are best able to pursue wealth and success without serving money. Whether serving your family or your customers money is indeed important and necessary. However it’s only when we sacrifice all, worship it, serve and work tirelessly for money that we prevent our Walk with God. The healthy and proper view of money is understanding money and transactions are a gift from God that enables mutually beneficial relationships. Knowing that we are stewards of these gifts frees us up to pursue profits as God fearing believers. Stewardship is about serving and growing your territory to serve more. This was part of a bigger discussion on not serving two masters but also not compartmentalizing your spiritual being or purpose from your work or business.

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