Philemon: Details and Context

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Today's reading: Book of Philemon

We're going to spend the rest of this week looking over and considering the Book of Philemon, a letter written by Paul to a fellow believer named Philemon whose slave, Onesimus, had run away.

Although there are only 25 verses in this short Book, there are plenty of lessons for us to discover. But before we delve in to look for those lessons, let's spend today simply reading through this letter focusing on the details provided to give us some context. This will help us gain a better overall understanding of what is going on and allow us to get the most out of this Book.

I'll get us started. Here are several things I took note of from Philemon:

  • Paul is writing from prison;
  • The relationship between Paul and Philemon is personal, which explains the personal approach of the letter;
  • Paul's letter doesn't reveal anything about the why, when or how of Onesimus' running away from Philemon;
  • Paul has a deep love for both Philemon and Onesimus.

Okay--it's your turn! Read back through Philemon and write down and/or note as many specifics as possible. What information and details did you notice as you read Philemon? Tami

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I see the word "love" and grace speaking of Paul and not only Paul as love and grace.
We see Paul using persuasion towards Philemon instead of commanding him and we see Paul complimenting him too.
Just a quick read, we see Paul reminds us what Jesus did for us. Forgave our sins even though we could never be able to do it for ourself.

Paul appeals to Philemon to break with tradition, welcoming Onesimus as an equal in Christ.
Paul appeals to Philemon as one who is indebted to Paul for his very spiritual life.
Paul's appeal is so compelling! How could his friend deny his request--yet we don't really know the outcome of this request.

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