God of Refuge

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Today's reading: Joshua 20:1-9

After the allotting of the land is completed, God instructs Joshua to put in place cities of refuge. These were designated cities (six in all) where those who unintentionally, unknowingly or accidentally took the life of another human being could go as a place of refuge from relatives seeking revenge. In order to be admitted into a city of refuge, the person who had killed was required to present their case to the elders at the city gate. At a later date, they were then tried by the city's local assembly for judgment. As long as the person stayed within the confines of the city, they would be shielded from any avenging parties.

When someone wrongs you or a family member, what's your first instinctual or gut response? What does the creation of cities of refuge reveal about the difference between man's heart and God's? What's one example of how has God protected you when something you've said or done unintentionally caused harm to someone or something? What does this convey about God's love for you? Tami

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