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Today's reading: Joshua 6:1-27

After crossing the Jordan and observing Passover in Canaan, God speaks to Joshua about attacking and taking possession of the city of Jericho. The Lord tells Joshua point blank that He has given (past tense) the city and all its inhabitants into the hand of Israel. He then conveys the details of His plan of attack to Joshua. The battle plan is extremely unusual, to say the least, but Joshua and the Israelites follow it precisely. At the end of the seven--day march, Jericho is no more and the Israelites are in possession and control of the land.

Why do you think God chose the process of marching around Jericho for seven days before giving victory to Israel? Why was it important to specifically follow God's detailed process? How can (and have) shortcuts hurt you? What does the unconventional attack on Jericho reveal about God's way of teaching, growing and leading us? How willing are you to wait on God's timing? Think of a time when you chose to be patient and wait on God. What was the outcome? How did you see God move and provide? Do you find it difficult to take action when God's plan doesn't seem to make sense to you? Tami

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