Difficult Lessons

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Today's reading: Joshua 7:1-26

Despite Joshua's explicit command to "not take any of the things set apart for destruction" (Joshua 6:18), certain people violated his directive. Unaware of this disobedience, Joshua sends men to Ai to spy out the land. Upon return, the men report that only a few thousand men are needed to take the city. Without consulting God, Joshua deploys 3,000 warriors, but instead of victory, Israel suffers an embarrassing defeat. The Israelites were then "paralyzed with fear" and "their courage melted away" (vs. 5). A distressed and doubting Joshua complains to God only to discover that the defeat was the result of sin connected with Jericho. God then commands Joshua to resolve the situation in what seems like a harsh manner as we read this passage with our grace-filled understanding of today.

What does this passage reveal about the temptation that money and possessions present? What are some ways we can guard against and combat the powerful pull of money? Is it your habit to consult God before making important decisions? When or in what type of situations are you most likely to take action without inquiring of God? What does this account show about God's desire for us to be fully committed to Him, living rightly and with a pure heart? What does it show about consequences when we sin? How does consistently being in God's Word help us keep our focus on God and proper living? Tami

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