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Today's reading: Joshua 9:18-27

After learning of the deception of the Gibeonites, the Israelites travel to the cities of Gibeon to confront their neighbors. The people of Israel are disgruntled about the treaty, but Joshua and his leadership team make the decision to honor the oath they had taken in front of the Lord. So rather than attacking, they meet face-to-face with the Gibeonite leaders and Joshua imposes on the Gibeonites the task of being servants to the Israelites as cutters of wood and drawers of water.

When someone takes advantage or wrongs you, how do you tend to respond? Is it your practice to meet with and address the offender? What does choosing to honor our word or uphold the terms of a contract or agreement (even if we've received the short end of the deal) convey to others about us as followers of Christ? What's one thing you noticed or learned about resolving conflict from this account? Based on this passage, what value would you say God places on promises and oaths? What does God expect of us when we choose to enter into a covenant or contract? Tami

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My responds are not always very good. But we see from Joshua that it is better to first consult with the Lord and do the research BEFORE we sign a promise or oath because we do want to be faithful to our commitment before God and man. If we have been deceived and there are legal way to get out of the contract I would pray and ask the Lord for guidance and obey His leading.

When a promise or oath is made before God, we keep it, demonstrating how serious we are about walking with God.

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