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Today's reading: Joshua 9:1-17

After Israel's victory over Ai, the kings of the surrounding areas are filled with fear and draw together in preparation for war. But the people of Gibeon choose a different approach. Instead of joining with the group and readying themselves to fight, they turn to deception as a means of protection. Purposefully armed with worn-out clothing and supplies and old, dry food, ambassadors from Gibeon travel to Gilgal where they lie to Joshua about who they are and from where they have come. They then ask for a peace treaty with Israel. Without consulting the Lord, Joshua makes a treaty only to discover three days later that he had made a covenant with the very people God had instructed the Israelites to drive out from the land.

When or in what type of situation are you most tempted to take action without consulting God? What does Joshua's example show about the dangers of developing an over-confident attitude, becoming prideful and/or losing our focus after a victory or experiencing a high point? Based on this account, why is it important for us to do homework (verify details, check into someone's story, secure references) when we're making a decision about partnering with another person informally or formally like when we sign a contract or enter into a business arrangement? Tami

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Reading Jeremiah 29:11 and Isa.55:8:
We have learned that God's ways/plans are very different from our plans, and we DO want Him in all of our decision great or small. We have
a tenacity to think that we can deal with little things which can develop into bigger ones if we don't seek His counsel FIRST.

We should seek Him first rather than ask Him as the last resort!

We find that life problems go better/best if we pray first!!

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