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Today's reading: 1 Timothy 2:1-15

A constant practicer and advocate of prayer, Paul counsels Timothy that prayer should be made on behalf of all people, but specifically for those who are rulers and leaders. This charge is a good one at all times, but is so timely and relevant right now in the United States and in other countries around the world. The charge to pray regularly for political leaders is not something new to me, yet it's one I don't practice enough. And, it's not just political leaders who need our prayers. Our church leaders and people we work for need our prayers too.

Is it your practice to pray for your political leaders (national, state, county, city)? Would you join me today in praying for the country where you live and all of its leaders? And please remember to pray for your church leaders and work leaders as well. ALL of these people need our prayers. Tami

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We have prayed for our president,but this lesson is going to help us to make it a practice to pray for all the leaders in our country.

P.S. If this is
too long please delete it... Prayer Primer11. Praying for the President...

Guard his life and protect him.
Give him wisdom to make the choices You want him to make.
Give him a tender heart of compassion for those he serves.
Protect him from arrogance that would lead him to abuse his power.
Teach him to regard life as You do.
Give him godly conviction and holy desire.
Give him courage to do the right thing even when expected to do the wrong thing.
Make his words reflective of a proud and grateful people.
Convict him of all contrary action to his Christian profession.
Protect the First Family from those who want to harm them.
Lead him in the path of Righteousness, not what he thinks right.
Keep him from straying any further from godly principles.
Desire to do the right thing for the right reason.
May his actions be consistent with the U.S. Constitution he promised to protect.
Expose all works of iniquity and convict him of sin.
Make his way parallel to Your way.
Keep his thoughts pure and his walk blameless.
May his/her spouse and children be supportive.
Break down his excuses for wrong decisions.
Fill his cup with wisdom to see as You do and not as men.
May the State of the Union reflect Your opinion and not his.
Show him Your footsteps and give him wisdom to follow The Holy Bible.
Give him hunger for righteousness.
Deliver him from opinions contrary to your Word.
Make him a man of God in spite of his tendencies.

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