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Today's reading: 1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Philippians 2:3-4

Paul addresses yet another question from the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 8--can we eat food that has been offered as a sacrifice to idols? You see in this time and culture, idol worship was prevalent. So it wasn't uncommon for food offered to idols at temples or as part of a festival to be consumed or to be sold after the fact for consumption.

True to form, Paul lays out his response quite logically. He begins by pointing out that Christ-followers have knowledge of the one true God and belong to Him. Therefore, food offered to a manmade god or idol has no power or command over them. Yet even so, Paul tells the Corinthian believers that although they have the right to eat such food, the better course of action is to refrain, to put those rights and preferences aside, for the benefit of brothers and sisters in Christ whose foundation isn't yet solid and strong (new believers, those who haven't been exposed to much teaching).

Eating food offered to idols isn't a dilemma most of face in 2017. However, there are other areas where our actions can be a stumbling block to other believers and those we are trying to reach for Christ (dress, diet, speech, music, etc.).

That being the case, how mindful are you about being a stumbling block? Are you willing to put your interests aside for the spiritual benefit of another? Tami

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I need this!
To be mindful of others whom I might be a stumbling block.
Lord, make me willing to put aside my interest aside so that
I might spiritual benefit others.

I was trying to think of what might be in this category today--maybe something like doing yoga--to some it is form of worship to a false god, but to a believer in Christ it would be only a form of exercise.

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