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Today's reading: 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

Because we're human, disagreements happen in every area of our lives--even within the Church. And as unpleasant as disagreements can be, there are times when conflict is a good and necessary thing--when we're confronting false teaching or delivering words of correction, for example. But more often than not, disagreement and division between believers arises as a result of personal preferences and choices. When this happens it's not good on a number of fronts. The proper functioning of the body of Christ is hindered. Feelings get hurt, relationships are damaged and we're pulled us off course from the objective of spreading the Gospel and modeling Christ to those around us.

After reading this passage, how should we respond to disagreements and divisions when they arise within the body of Christ? Why is unity among believers so important? Tami

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In John 17 Jesus prayed for unity for those He had and for those who were yet to come. There are 2 issues has to why we don't see unity in the church here in America today. 1) We disagree over doctrine issues and don't even agree with the one doctrine that we all agree on and that is salvation threw Jesus Christ just has Paul was saying in the reading today. 2) It seems to me that the church doesn't want unity today. I spent time in prison and now I volunteer in the prison and that is the greatest church in my opinion here. They all come from different backgrounds but when they come to worship they put their differences aside and beliefs aside and come together for the soul purpose to worship Jesus Christ and to encourage each other and to learn and help each other. It's amazing. There are alot of things up for debate in our doctrines but salvation through Jesus Christ is not up for debate and that is what should unify us.

Unity glorifies God because others will see and acknowledge the special bond of unity that we have

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