Loving Thanks

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Today's reading: Psalm 18:1-50

David pours out love and gratitude to God in Psalm 18, but he doesn't just say "I love You." He goes further, telling God some of the reasons why he loves Him so much. I was drawn to the way David remembers and then describes, quite specifically, the ways in which God has protected, provided and responded to him. Thank you, David, for showing us such a meaningful way to spend time telling God how much we love Him and what He means to us!

Take a few minutes to recall a time or situation when God was your rock and refuge. Write down (like David did here) some of the specifics of that situation and how God provided, answered and sustained you. Then pray. Tell God how much you love Him, and thank Him for things you just recalled and wrote out. Tami

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On December 27, 2016 I was fired from my job after working there for 17 yrs. I was unable to find a job until recently. I was unable to get much help from anyone. But God came through from the very beginning. I only missed on month of not being able to pay rent, and someone christian organization payed that. I was never hungry, and I felt the peace of God and I was able to learn to trust Him in a specific way.

Since I spent time in prison that became a issue but I have learned that the church is the most judgmental people in the world and I was refused a job by christian businesses. The job I have now, they looked at me and said that was 25 years ago and if you had not changed or learned anything we would not be talking now. I am still looking for a second job to get in about 10-12 hours a week but I know that God will provide for me personally and also for the ministry that I am involved with.

Jesus I continually want to thank you for sending Jesus to die and recieve forgiveness so that someday I will be able to spend eternity with you and I thank you for loving me so much that you take care of the small things and the large thing and everything else in-between. I also want to tell you that I love you. Amen

I know that I am late in making a comment on Loving thanks, but I must share one of many such times that God was my (our)rock and refuge.
My husband was told his doctor "you have 'bit the bullet'twice!'" pulmonary embolism and with double pneumonia.There was no damage done to his heart. Was released from the hospital with "pumped-up oxygen to release him. We stayed in a storage room in a motel with mold on the walls. The oxygen delivery lady had pneumonia while my husband was recovery! God healed my husband completely!! I know the Lord was with us even through our "valley of near death "situation. Yes, we paused and thanked the Lord for many times He was our rock and refuge during life-threatening situation.

Would like to encourage others to share their testimonies too!

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