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Today's reading: Genesis 45:1-15

When Joseph finally reveals his identity to his brothers, they are stunned. In fact, verse 3 says "his brothers could not answer him, for they were dismayed at his presence." I can only imagine the myriad of thoughts and emotions that had to have been running through their minds, first and foremost, being concerned about whether Joseph was going to take revenge on them for what they had done to him years earlier.

But Joseph isn't interested in retaliating or seeking revenge. He recognizes that God has been in control and with him at all times, and that what has taken place--the bad, the ugly and the good--happened for a reason. Twice Joseph tells his brothers that it was God who sent him to Egypt for the specific purpose of preserving the lives of his brothers and family (vs. 5 and 7), explaining further "So it was not you who sent me here, but God" (vs. 8).

I love reading through this portion of Joseph's story. What an amazing picture of what it looks like to be fully submitted to and trusting in God. Thank you, God, for showing us Your goodness, and that You have a plan and a purpose for all we experience!

What have you learned or noticed about God and His ways from the life story of Joseph to date? Do you find it difficult to fully submit to and trust God when you encounter a hard situation? How will you draw on Joseph's story to help you in this area going forward? Tami

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Beautiful story of a life being controlled by God not his circumstances!
Joesph was sold-out to the Lord and committed to Him the rest of his life!
Wow!! Oh that it may be said of me and many others!

I can not answer your questions because I have not deliberately thought back how God has used my hard situation as working for good and knowing God was behind all of them!
"What an amazing picture of what it looks like to be fully submitted to and trusting in God. Thank you, God, for showing us Your goodness, and that You have a plan and a purpose for all we experience! " quoted from Tami

May this be my daily prayer:
To be fully submitted to and trusting in God
Knowing that You have a plan and purpose
in all I have/will experience.Amen

It is amazing that Joseph kept the faith, despite being immersed in Egyptian culture and far from his family. What an example! Further, his faith led him to see God's hand in it all and forgive his brothers for the wrong they did, even seeing the good that came out of it. What would Joseph have been if all this had not taken place?

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