Holding Back

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Today's reading: Genesis 42:12-38

Joseph was thrown a curve ball, if you will, by the appearing of his brothers. I can only imagine the flood of emotions he must have been feeling as he looked up and realized that the brothers who had wished for his death, and then attacked and sold him into slavery years earlier are now bowed before him seeking his assistance. It's a perfect scenario for pay back--for Joseph to exact revenge for his unjust treatment. But that's not what we see because Joseph's heart was given to God. That doesn't mean he didn't struggle mightily. He absolutely did, as evidenced by his rough demeanor and odd treatment of his brothers, and then his weeping after hearing them talk of sinning against him. But because God was Joseph's foundation, Joseph was able to push aside the temptation to take revenge against and harm his brothers. Instead, he proceeds cautiously. He holds back, keeping his identity secret as he investigates and learns more about his brothers and family, all in preparation for revealing his identity at a later time.

What did you learn from Joseph about coping with old wounds and dealing with people who have hurt you? What does this chapter reveal about the importance of forgiveness? How did forgiveness impact Joseph's thinking and the actions he took concerning his brothers? Tami

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My brothers treated my family and myself horribly all for an inheritance. They took away my rights by lying and then money that was rightfully mine. This happened over a 3 year period that almost destroyed me. My belief that God is always good and that he will use what was meant for evil for my good is what sustained me.

God has blessed me and my family with more than I could ever have dreamed of. In my heart, I have forgiven my brothers because carrying the hurt was too much of a burden and was eating me inside. I do sometimes, fall back and remember what was done to me, but then I see how God has worked in my life and I can't help but rejoice.

I think I will be ready for the day we meet again, but in the meantime I continue with asking God to bless my brothers and keep them safe because He loves them as much as He loves me and that thought is what keeps me humble.

Tami, you have some good questions about forgiveness.
As we see this drama unfold with Joseph and his brothers
we see that the outcome could have been filled with rage,revenge,hatred and possible murder if Joseph had not yielded to God's mercy upon him.

We do not see resentment on Joseph's part when he was sold into slavery, he becomes in a high position with the ruler Potiphar. When wrongly-fully accused of rape, Joseph goes to prison. At both times we see Joseph not becoming bitter,but better! We see a spiritually-matured young man whom God is going to use to save his brothers from the famine when they had chosen to take his life.

What a picture of Jesus!
He didn't strike back with revenge,but forgiveness for us.
By Jesus dying on the Cross we have a choice to repent and have everlasting life.

Joseph chose the better life...forgiveness.

Just yesterday I saw someone at a wedding that my family would seek revenge on if they could. Yet he was so lacking in ability to hurt us further that it amazed me. God works revenge, not me. I saw that we CAN have victory over the desire for revenge. We CAN have victory over our enemies in Christ.

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