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Today's reading: Genesis 42:1-11

When Joseph was a teenager, he had two dreams which seemed to indicate that he would rise above and rule over his brothers and family (see Genesis 37). He didn't understand the dreams at the time, but fifteen or so years later when Joseph is governor of Egypt and his brothers are bowing before him seeking to purchase grain for their family, the light bulb goes on for Joseph. Memories of those strange dreams in which his brothers were bowing to him, now make sense and are perfectly clear.

We've all heard the phrase "Hindsight is 20/20." From Joseph's story and my own experiences, that statement has proved true time and again. So often God communicates things to us that we don't understand in the moment--repeatedly impresses a specific thought or idea on our heart, puts someone in our path who delivers a precise message to us, gives us a sign through an event or a dream, repeatedly directs our attention to a particular set of scriptures. At the time, we may question it, do a little soul searching and pray, but we're unable to make sense of it. But then as we continue to move forward (days, weeks or even years later), something happens, and at that moment, and we're able to look back and understand what God was communicating and in the process of doing.

What is God communicating to you that you don't fully understand today? Is it your practice to look for these small validations that He has a good plan for you? Will you trust Him in the interim? Tami

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Thank you,Tami,another thought-provoking Bible study!

No, is my answer to your questions.
May I use these questions to trust God
even though I do not fully understand today!!

What I don't understand is what I don't understand. In other words, God communicating subtleties to me about the future seems like someone speaking in a language I don't understand. It does seem that God is at work, but often I can not identify how present events are revealing the future. God's word! It is ever and always the best commentary on today's events in my life!

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