Doing What's Right

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Today's reading: Genesis 28:1-9

Even though Isaac's heart is broken over the episode with Jacob and Esau, he continues to push forward to do what he knows is right in a hard situation. He calls Jacob in and then sends him away to Rebekah's brother, Laban, with instructions to find his wife among relatives rather than to marry a Canaanite woman. And Jacob, likewise, does what he knows is right in this awkward and difficult situation. He heeds his father's instruction, obediently leaving all he's known behind him to travel to Paddan-aram to start a new and very different life for himself.

Esau, on the other hand, doesn't respond well. He can't let go of the hurt he's feeling, and lets his anger dictate his actions. He knows that Isaac and Rebekah do not want their daughter-in laws to be Canaanite. So he deliberately chooses a wife from the clan of Ishmael to defy and inflict a hurtful blow on his parents.

What helps you do what you know is the right thing--even when you've been wronged, hurt or disappointed? How have anger, resentment, hurt or similar emotions influenced past choices, and with what result? What lessons on parenting did you see from this passage? Tami

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It's more likely that Esau married Ishmael's granddaughter in a misguided (as per his norm) attempt to earn his parents' favor.

We do what is right because obedience is greater satisfying personal desire.

Parents are in an interesting position--they have an opportunity to love like God loves, and Isaac did. Despite being tricked by Jacob, he still accepted him and counseled him wisely. He dealt with each of his children individually.

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