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Today's reading: Genesis 25:1-18

Today's passage advances the storyline of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Unlike most of the previous chapters where we read and learned about specific instances from Abraham's life situations, choices and actions, this chapter really serves as more of a history lesson, as it moves us forward quite a chunk of years. But even though we're not focused on a specific event, there are still plenty of things to be learned from this historical-focused chapter.

Here are a few of the things I took note of as I considered this passage:

  • Abraham was able to overcome his grief after Sarah's death with his marriage to Keturah and having additional children with her.
  • Abraham continued to believe and honor what God had told him about Isaac being God's chosen son.
  • God provided for Ishmael just as He had said.
  • Isaac followed Abraham's example of seeking and following God.
  • The chapter overall highlighted God's timing by showing us how His plan was still progressing over many years.

How do you tend to address historical passages when you're reading your Bible? Do you read through quickly and move on, or do you slow down and look for lessons? What did you notice or learn from this primarily historical passage? Tami

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Historical, genealogical passages like this highlight the faithfulness of God to work through years of time.

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