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Today's reading: Proverbs 10:20-21

"The tongue of the righteous is choice silver...The lips of the righteous feed many..." (Prov. 10:20-21).

You've probably heard the phrase "Garbage in, garbage out," meaning that if you put inaccurate, faulty information into an equation, the results you'll get out will be flawed and faulty as well. Well the message found in Proverbs 10:20-21 is exactly the opposite. I like to describe it as "Goodness in, goodness out." These two verses let us know that when we're intentional about filling our minds with the truth found in God's Word, when we open our mouths to speak we'll be inclined to speak well, wisely and good. Thus my phrase of "Goodness in, goodness out." And those "good" words are valued by God, and beneficial to our lives and those around us as we speak truth, give guidance and counsel, offer support and encouragement, and talk and teach about God and the importance of living for Him.

Think back over the past week. Have your words demonstrated "Goodness in, goodness out"? Why or why not? What's one example where your lips "fed many"? What motivation do you draw from knowing that God values your good and wise words as "choice silver"? Tami

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The words we speak hold more potential than we often realize. What seems an innocuous statement to one can make all the difference in the life of another.

If God values my words, then they actually HAVE value. I have notice that silver words have a huge positive effect on my daughters.

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