Fearful Thoughts

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Today's reading: Genesis 26:1-11

Fear is a powerful emotion, and if we allow it to flood our mind and control our thinking, it will quickly pull our focus off of God and lead us down a bad and slippery path.

That's precisely what we see with Isaac when he and Rebekah arrive in Gerar. Despite receiving specific direction from God about traveling to Gerar and being told by God that He was going to watch over and bless him, Isaac panics when some of the men in the country ask about Rebekah. Instead of answering honestly and trusting God to protect and bless him as He had promised, Isaac let's fear get the best of him and he lies--a poor decision on all fronts. First and foremost, it was a sin against God, but his lie was also a sin against the people of Gerar and his precious wife, Rebekah. And as with all lies, this lie continued on and grew because it forced Isaac and Rebekah to live under the pretense of being brother and sister for a good period of time. And lastly, Isaac's lying and then living the lie was an extremely poor witness to Abimelech and his men.

What stood out to you about fear and/or lying from this account, and why? Is it your habit to pray and ask God to calm your fears when you feel scared or something unsettles you? Do you have a specific verse or passage of Scripture that helps you stay focused on God and His goodness when fearful thoughts start to press in? Tami

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Excellent reminders! Thanks Tami!

Isaiah 41:10

Philippines 4:6

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