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Today's reading: Genesis 19:30-38

As we finish up Genesis 19 (a chapter with accounts I find difficult to read and fully understand), the problem of sin remains front and center. After escaping the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot, without consulting God and acting out of fear, moves himself and his two daughters into the wilderness. Life is dismal. And in this state of isolation from civilization, Lot's daughters allow their circumstances to consume their thinking. An already bad situation turns worse when, rather than turning to God for direction and provision, they decide to take matters into their own hands. The sad result is blatant sin by all parties.

As much as we may feel like shaking our heads at Lot and his daughters, we've all experienced the powerful influence of circumstances. Life is hard, but if we're intentional about consistently talking with God through prayer and spending time in His Word, we can stand strong no matter what we encounter.

As you look back over the past week or so, to what extent have your circumstances influenced your actions and thinking? How does spending time with God prepare and equip you for what's taking place in your life and anything you may encounter during the day? Tami

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I was really struck by your comment on how they had allowed their circumstances to consume their thinking. That truly is dangerous territory and I have found myself there lately. Thank you for this word of caution and wisdom! "Turn your eyes upon Jesus"!

Communion with God has the effect of training our sensitivity to His voice, so that we can more readily hear and obey.

Some circumstances led me to deep resentment--and yet God is now solving the problem that caused my resentment. I need to trust Him more!

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