Public Honoring

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Today's reading: Genesis 14:17-24

After Abram and his neighbors track down and defeat the kings who had taken the residents and possessions of Sodom and Gomorrah, the king of Sodom reaches out to Abram to thank and honor him. Melchizedek king of Salem also comes to recognize and offer a blessing to Abram. (Verse 18 tells us that Melchizedek was a priest of God Most High. See Hebrews 7 for more explanation on Melchizedek).

Abram and his friends were heroes! And, spirits were undoubtedly high after the defeat of the enemy kings. I can only imagine the extreme exhilaration and feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction they must have been experiencing. Yet, when the spotlight is turned on Abram, he doesn't bask in it. Rather, he immediately directs everyone's attention to God by verbally proclaiming Him as sovereign God over all, declining to accept the king of Sodom's offer to take the spoils of the victory and offering a tithe to Melchizedek as a priest of God Most High.

How often do you speak of God and honor Him in public? When you are blessed by God--through an accomplishment, receiving praise, getting an unexpected gift--do you thank God and offer verbal praise in front of others? What are the benefits of publically honoring God? Tami

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As we humble ourselves and honor God, He, in turn, lifts us up.

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