Abram Went

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Today's reading: Genesis 12:1-9

Today we return to Genesis, picking up with the account of Abram and Sarai. Abram (or Abraham as he will later be called) is a foundational person to Christianity, so it's important that we know about his life journey and the relationship he had with God through it all. Yet because Abram is such an important figure and we're reading with hindsight, I find that I sometimes read through parts of this storyline and take Abram's actions for granted--after all, this is Abraham and he was a great man of God. But while Abram was a godly man, he wasn't perfect, which means he struggled, just like we do, with emotions, thoughts and actions. So with this in mind, three words stood out to me today.

"So Abram went..." (vs. 4)

These three words convey so much. As I read, I tried to imagine myself in Abram's shoes when he received the word from God to pick up and move his entire family. This was no small charge. And he didn't even know where God was going to take him. Following God's instruction meant Abram's life (not to mention the lives of those in his family) was going to be turned upside down. Yikes! That's a little scary! But Abram took God at His word. Thus we see that in trust and obedience "Abram went, as the LORD had told him..."

How do you tend to respond when God asks you to make a change or prompts your heart to move in a different direction? What encouragement do you draw from Abram's example? Are you willing to trust God even when you can't see the full picture of His plan for you? Tami

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The Lord has proven trustworthy throughout my life. Where He leads, I'll follow

Sometimes the God speaks, I see it as an interruption. Abram was not like that. He obeyed and went, to a strange land, potentially dangerous, certainly strange and unknown. I would like to be more like him.

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