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Today's reading: Genesis 7:1-24

After learning of God's decision to "bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life under heaven" (Genesis 6:17) and seeing instructions for the building of the ark, in Genesis 7 we are provided with specifics concerning Noah's animal tasks and then given details concerning the actual flood itself. It's a sobering passage, with verses 21-24 being particularly difficult to take in.

As I read through this chapter, I tried to imagine myself in Noah's shoes (or even one of his family members). Emotions had to be running high. Nothing like this had ever been seen or experienced before. And I can only begin to fathom how horrific it had to have been to know about for many months, and then to actually witness, the death of not only those close to you (relatives, neighbors, co-workers) but cities and countries full of men, women and children. By the time I reached the middle of this passage one word-TRUST-was in my mind. And as I continued through the end of the chapter, the importance and impact of trusting God above all else filled every inch of my thinking. I am convinced that without fully trusting God, Noah and his family could not have endured this situation.

When do you find it most difficult to surrender a circumstance to God and trust that He has it under control? Is there a situation that you need to turn over to God today? What does (or would) fully trusting God look like in your life? Tami

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I imagine many of us have or will experience a "flood" in our lives. Mine entailed a flood of accusations, emotions, misunderstandings and confusion. I was having difficulty keeping my head above water. Learning to truly trust God, learned how to swim to reach the safety of shore and know in His timing all will be well.

Going back to Genesis is a wonderful opportunity to read the preface of the Bible. To learn about the sovereignty of God. It is comforting to learn to trust him.

When a conflicting situation arises, my first reaction is to figure out what I need to do to rectify it. When I realize that I dont know the answer I turn to God. I need to turn to God instantly in every and all circumstances then I will be fully trusting God in all things.

How wonderful to know that God is completely trustworthy. In a world of shifting sand, He is the solid Rock.

Situations that involve my family are hard for me to surrender to God. Eventually He compiles me (I don't control my life) and balance and joy return.

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