Sin and More Sin

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Today's reading: Genesis 6:1-8

After the passing of thousands of years, chapter 6 of Genesis brings us forward to the generation of Noah. At this point in time, there are hundreds of thousands of people inhabiting the earth, and as the number of people has increased, sin has also flourished and has increased exponentially. Verse 5 is particularly saddening because it goes beyond outward actions to reveal the extremely sinful and dark condition of our hearts when we are not in relationship with God.

What does this passage reveal about our sinful nature and sin in general? How often do you think about the ways your sin impacts your life circumstances and also your relationship with God? What does Genesis 6:1-8 reveal about our desperate need for a Savior? Tami

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I appreciate your Bible studies. This is really not relevant to the point you are making but I would like to point this out. Our pastor brought it to our attention some time ago and I found it very interesting. If you look closely at the genealogy from Adam to Noah you will find that Adam actually lived until Methuselah, who was Noah's grandfather, was born. And Merhusela would probably have lived near to or until the time of the flood. So Methuselah could have know Adam. You say that it was thousands of years from the time of Adam until the flood but really it is probably not 2000 years if you follow the genealogy.

We are continually inclined to evil without the cleansing, life-changing presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The passage to me reminds me that the wages of sin is indeed death. Disobedience to God, sin, results in death. Praise be to God we now live under grace and, "if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness" Jn 1:9

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