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Today's reading: Genesis 6:9-22

The account of Noah and the ark is arguably one of the most recognized stories from the Bible. At first glance it's appealing because there are animals, a big boat and a miraculous beautiful rainbow. But when we really stop to think about this story, what's takes place is quite horrific. All but eight people living on the earth were destroyed because of the great wickedness of man.

It's a regular part of my prayers that God would help, guide and empower me to live rightly and blamelessly and that He would use me to accomplish His purposes. And I'm guessing Noah likely prayed something similar thousands of years ago. So as I took in this life-altering account today and considered the tasks and responsibilities God placed on Noah's shoulders, the weightiness of my regular prayer, hit me full force. "Thank you, God, for the reminder of my need to be fully prepared to do whatever tasks you put before me--those I find enjoyable as well as the ones I find difficult."

What's one thing you learned about serving God from Noah's example in Genesis 6:9-22? What is God asking you to do for Him today? Tami

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God uses us when we serve him "rightly".Everyone has the talent required to do the job that God gas planned for us. We need to be obedient to his voice. He will never ask us to do what we can't do, he knows our capabilities and he will always equip us as he did Moses.

If we are truly surrendering ourselves for his purpose, we are willing to do what he places before us even if we proceed with apprehension; by just following though everything works out according to his plan. My current assignment is visiting my Aunt in a convelescent home, and being cheerful to everyone I encounter when I am there. It truly makes me thank God and praise him for using me for his work.

" Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him. " vs. 22

Noah did ALL God commanded him.
Noah listened to God's commandments and did all that was required of him.
Oh that I would be found righteous, one who listens to God and do everything
that He ask me to do.

P.S. Tami, thanks for sharing your prayer to God to help,guide and empower me to live rightly and blamelessly. To use me to accomplish His purposes.

I enjoy your in-depth Bible study and the comments from others are an added bonus to the study.

More than once in Noah's story, his complete and immediate obedience are noted. He didn't just do what this asked, he did fully and quickly.

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