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Today's reading: Genesis 5:1-32

Do you ever read something in Scripture and think to yourself "I wonder why God included this in the Bible?" I know I sure have (and still do sometimes) and genealogies (family trees) is one area where I used to ask this question. I didn't particularly like to read through these lists, and would often skim over or skip them altogether. But then one day it hit me that every word God recorded in the Bible is important to God, is meant for me to read and has a purpose. This "aha" moment changed my perspective, and in turn, how I approach genealogies and other portions of Scripture that contain lists, numbers and things such as detailed laws and instructions (like those found in Exodus regarding sacrifices, worship and the tabernacle). That being the case, I now take extra care when I read these types of passages, specifically looking for what I can garner from this information that God has specifically placed in the Bible for me to read and know.

Why do you think God includes genealogies as part of Scripture? In other words, why are they important and what are some of the things we glean from seeing lineages? Why do you think God included the family tree from Adam to Noah at this point in the Bible? What does Genesis 5 reveal about God's timelessness? Tami

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This genealogy can also be written to include me. Hence for me this passage reminds me that I was created by God to do his will which is to obey him. Cain was punished for killing Abel but he was also protected by God. Man is on earth to do God's will and not sin. We need to also remember that, "He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness". Jn 1:9.
Praise God !!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing these genealogies show is God's sovereignty and faithfulness through the passage of time.

There are also interesting things to learn about the people mentioned, though. For example, the numbers given show that Methuselah outlived his son Lamech by five years, and died the year of the flood.

Each individual is important. Genealogies are important because people are important. The ages are interesting. These people lived long lives--but did not escape death!

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