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Today's reading: Acts 19:1-20

God's power and might are fully displayed through Paul's preaching and activity in Ephesus. Many people take note, and several sons of the Jewish high priest even try to imitate Paul calling on the name of Jesus in an attempt to drive out evil spirits (verses 13-14). What happens next is scary, and highlights the fact that Satan and his army are real and active around us.

How much thought do you give to spiritual warfare? What does this passage reveal about evil forces in our present day world? Tami

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The more time I spend with bible study and working to become more spiritually grounded, I now recognize there is indeed spiritual warfare in the minds and souls of those around us. This has lead me to believe more strongly the absolute necessity and desire to remain close to Christ and his teachings and that I could never live without Him.

Evil is at work in our world, and Satan seeks to lay waste to believers. Evil's influence is seen all around us, and the putting on God's armor is vital.

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