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Have you ever noticed how we tend to focus on and remember (with clarity) negative things that we experience? Here's an example. After making a presentation at work, your boss and several of your co-workers compliment you and tell you that you did a good job. But one person in the group is critical, pointing out something they think you could have done better. For the remainder of the day and for a good part of the week, instead of focusing on the positive feedback you received, you fixate on that one negative, even though you know that the person who said it rarely praises anyone. Sound familiar? It sure does to me.

Well I did a little online searching, and apparently the behavior I described above is a tendency we all have that's called a "negativity bias" or "negativity effect." So why am I writing about this? Because I didn't see this "negativity effect" with Paul and Silas. Despite all the pushback, rejection, and even physical harm inflicted on them, they didn't get caught up in, or let their minds dwell on, the negatives. Instead, they were diligent in keeping their focus on God and moving steadily forward with the mission He had set before them to spread the Gospel.

When have you allowed a negative (whatever that may be) to hinder your service for the Lord? What's one thing you noticed or learned from Paul and Silas that will help you resist focusing on a negative the next time one arises? Tami

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Wow what if Paul and Silas had been like me--they may have become discouraged and backed away from their God given mission. It seems like my husband and I are often hurt by negative comments like that--it can permeate your being, break you up, make your view on things negative, then you may turn around and do the same criticism of others that brings them down. Enough already, I plan to remember Paul and Silas and treasure their attitude.

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