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Today's reading: Acts 13:1-12

Even when we're doing precisely what God has called us to do in serving Him, we shouldn't be surprised when we run into opposition. And sometimes, that conflict and resistance can even come from a religious group we're associated with or from within a church setting. Barnabus and Saul (now called Paul as he sets out to spread the Gospel message to the Gentiles) discover this when they go to Cyprus to preach the Gospel message. Shortly after their arrival, they encounter a Jewish false prophet who is determined to thwart their proclaiming of Jesus. But Paul doesn't miss a beat. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, he boldly addresses Elymas (Bar-Jesus), and in so doing displays God's power which results in the proconsul becoming a believer in Christ.

What does this account show us about being a representative of Christ? What did you learn from this encounter about responding to and dealing with an "Elymas"? Tami

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Paul did not use soft words! He cut right to the quick! This is how I need to deal with influences from the world. Be firm; don't hesitate, act quickly before the influences or road blocks can be established! I need to call sin what it is - SIN! There will always be people and/or things to try to distract me, but if I allow the Holy Spirit to control me (as it did Paul) I will be able to stand firm!

At times, being a Christ follower means dealing with confrontation authoritatively. Discernment is needed to know when and how to do so.

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