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Today's reading: Acts 11:1-18

As I opened my Bible and began reading Acts 11, I had to smile. You see I just returned from a conference where we spent the better part of two days learning about different approaches and methods of resolving conflict. And in Acts 11:1-18, Peter is certainly faced with a conflict upon his return to the Jewish community in Jerusalem. The Jewish leaders are upset with Peter and his companions for, what they viewed as, an unlawful engaging with Gentiles (Cornelius and his friends). What could have escalated into a full blown dispute, was resolved fairly quickly and amicably because both parties chose to actively listen to the other and engage in discussion. The recorded interaction puts before us a good and healthy example of conflict resolution.

What lesson(s) about resolving conflict did you see or learn from the exchange between Peter and the Jewish leaders? In your experience, how does/can our tone of voice impact an active conflict? Tami

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What I read from the verses specifically among believers is to focus on what God wants, particularly through the Holy Spirit.

What I do to have self-control is talk to the Holy Spirit immediately before responding or talking. When I do, He grants me the Fruit of Self-control to use. When I don't which is what happened yesterday, I was out-of-control.

One lesson learned here is that initial conflict resolution isn't always the end of the affair. Yes, the believers were satisfied with Peter's answer and the Gentiles' acceptance into the faith, but that gave rise to another issue--namely, the question of where the Jewish law fit into the early Church. Ultimately, it forced the issue of whether this thing was a sect of Judaism or a new faith.

We can't always rest on our laurels when one conflict is resolved. There may be more business to handle.

Peter didn't react in anger to the attack on his actions. He clearly and almost excitedly explained how the events took place so that his listeners could benefit from his own challenge and subsequent actions to the Lord's desires. I find this interaction very helpful as I consider conflict in my own life. My first instinct is often defense of my position or even anger, but I feel this is a response to my own doubts. I have ask the Lord to help me hear His voice clearly, give me strength to follow through and be patient when I am given the opportunity to explain to others the work of the Lord in my life.

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