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Today's reading: Ecclesiastes 1-12

Thank you for spending the last few weeks reading and working through Solomon's observations and thoughts on the meaning of life. His cautions, encouragements and instructions certainly gave me a number of things to consider, but more than anything it challenged me to be intentional and diligent about living with an eternal mindset.

How did reading Ecclesiastes influence your perspective on the meaning of life? What did you learn from Ecclesiastes about living for God? Was there a particular message that stood out to you from this Book, and why? Tami

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The simplicity of Ecclesiastes' message often makes it difficult for people to accept. The idea of "live for the Lord and find pleasure in what you do" seems too simple for many, I think. But, that's precisely the theme of the book.

"Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man." 12:13 Soloman comes to the profound further into the end, yet he writes of so much striving, sorrow, and depression--and pleasure. It prompted me set myself free from expectation of perfection, goodness, even happiness. And yet I will remember and remind others that I am accountable to God in the end.

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