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Today's reading: Acts 1:12-26

After Jesus ascends to heaven, His eleven remaining disciples return to Jerusalem where they join with the women who had also served Jesus and with Jesus' brothers. When you think about the recent events this group of Christ followers had witnessed and experienced (Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection and ascension), they had to still be grappling with and recovering from the shock and the emotions of everything that had taken place. They were in unexpected and uncharted territory. So what did this dedicated group of Christ followers do after Jesus' departure? They "devoted" themselves to prayer, drawing strength from God as they pushed forward to serve Him.

How would you describe your prayer life? What would (or does) you being "devoted" to prayer look like? When you spend concentrated time in prayer, in what ways does it impact your day? Tami

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My prayer life is hit and miss and is one area of my Christian walk that needs improving. However, I do not know how to become more consistent and focused. This is an area I have struggled with for a long time. I have seen prayers answered and know the power of prayer, but, yet, fail to do it regularly. Why? What is wrong with me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I find that concentrated times of prayer quite often look like extended conversation with me. There is, when that happens, enough grace to keep me going on the current situation.

I realize when I most devoted to prayer the more stern my temptations are but because of my devotion to prayer I make it through. The apostles obviously miss the presence of christ among them but the remembered the promises of christ that if he goes away he will send a comforter in the holy spirit so they devoted themselves to prayer and waited because the promises of God are true. When we give ourselves to prayer we are making preparation for the help of the holy spirit to advocate for us in our hard times Amen.

T. Being consistent with our prayer lives is something, I believe, we all wrestle with--sometimes more than others. One thing I've discovered is that when I pray based around my feelings, in other words, when I feel like it, that's when I'm most inconsistent. In the last few months, I led a group through the book "The 40 Day Prayer Challenge" by Mark Batterson that really helped me be more consistent and more focused with my prayers. This is a companion book to Mark Batterson's "The Circle Maker" which is also a book on prayer. I recommend them both. They are not difficult to read or comprehend. "The 40 Day Prayer Challenge" changed my prayer life and my thinking about prayer--big time. One more thing. I've found that setting a time to pray is helpful as well. Jesus models this in the Bible, and it helps us establish a pattern of talking with God. My experience is that the more I talk with God, the closer I grow to Him and the more I am able to feel His presence. Thanks for the question and for being part of P4. Keep praying!! Tami

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