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Today's reading: Ecclesiastes 6:1-12

Solomon continues his observations on money and wealth in Ecclesiastes 6, and his remarks contained some good and helpful reminders. First, that everything we have has been given to us by God, and second, that God wants and expects us to use what He has given us for good. When our eyes and hearts are set on God, using our resources to do good--to provide for our family, to help those in need, to spread the Gospel message and disciple others--is a response that comes naturally. But when our eyes are set on earthly treasures (things under the sun) and we obsess over money--being stingy, acting greedily, hoarding our possessions--our efforts and striving are for naught. As Solomon puts it, "This is vanity, it is a grievous evil" (vs. 2).

Do you think of everything you have as coming from God? How are you making use of your God-given resources? What impact does doing good with what God has provided for you have on your outlook, actions and attitude? Tami

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We've been given what we have in order that we might benefit others and ourselves for the glory of God. When we see that what we have is given to us by Him, we desire to seek what would please Him in how we use our resources.

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