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Today's reading: Esther 1:10-22

One of the things I enjoy about the Bible is how we get the benefit of seeing God's history. In other words, through the accounts of real people, events and situations, we get to see God--how He works, what pleases and displeases Him, His love and care for people. So when I read an historical account like that of Esther, it excites me because I know there is much to learn about God in and through the story.

The fact that God has a master plan and is at work in and through all situations, stood out to me as I thought about King Ahasuerus' feast and his actions in commanding Queen Vashti to come and parade in front of him and the male guests he was entertaining. In this culture at this time in history, women and men did not socialize together. So for King Ahasuerus to command Vashti to join the men and display herself in front of them was absolutely an inappropriate request. Ahasuerus was intoxicated. He wasn't thinking clearly and his request was out of line. He was more interested in himself and impressing his royal friends than in being a good husband and taking care of and protecting his wife from the lustful eyes of other men. Yet, God used and worked through the king's poor judgment and actions to clear the way for Esther to become the new queen.

What do the events in Esther 1 reveal about God being in control, God having a plan, and God's use of people and circumstances for His purposes? How have you seen God work in unconventional ways? Tami

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God's will is never thwarted by human sins and shortcomings. I fact, if Scripture teaches us anything, it's that God's will is done in spite of those things!

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