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Today's reading: Psalm 85:1-13

A few weeks ago I blogged about prayer and wrote about how the women's Bible study group I'm in was working through the book "Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge" by Mark Batterson. Our group finished the book a couple of weeks ago, but have since decided to do it all over again because of how much each of us have drawn closer to God through our consistent and more focused prayers. One of the things Mark Batterson talks about in "Draw the Circle" is praying with and living in "holy anticipation" that God will move. As I took in Psalm 85 this morning, that phrase immediately came to my mind. As the psalmist puts forth his prayerful request, he recognizes God's past provision, acknowledges the poor state God's people are currently in and asks for God's restoration--and all of this done with confidence and "holy anticipation" that God will respond.

Do you pray with the expectation that God will respond? What does the phrase "with holy anticipation" mean for you? Tami

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Praise the Lord for he is faithful! Yes I do pray with expectation,
I am believing that God will turn my teenage son's heart back to him and leave that agnostic thinking which he has recently adopted.
I am praying for my wife to be whole heartedly committed to the Lord as well and that she would put God first in all things, my wife has come a long way but I know that the Lord has more in store for us in our marriage and one thing I know that I have just learned is that as the head of my family, God expects me to be the model for them, praying, fasting, attending church, serving and not being afraid to pray opening and honestly for family, friends and the lost in our midst.

Yes I do pray with holy anticipation because I know that in God's timing he is going to move in my son and wife's life.

Just like the story about the town who was praying for rain. I am bringing the umbrella to prayer everytime anticipating rain, because I know our God does not falter in his ways.

Holy anticipation, to me, equates with a very Biblical understanding of hope as confident expectation, rather than the wishful thinking that the word usually denotes. It anticipates God's moving, but ultimately recognizes that, as He is Sovereign, His moving may look altogether different than what I think.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness to put your blog out everyday. I know I don't respond to all of them, but I do review them. I'm in the process of sending an email blog daily to some girls I'm mentoring. I understand the commitment. I am encouraged by your stamina.
I too just came through a study on prayer. We used John MacArthur's book: ALONE WiTH GOD! Very insightful as he worked through the Lord's prayer as our example. I was encouraged and learned a lot too. My goal is go beyond the superficial prayers to a deeper more intimate specific prayer life. Thanks for the encouragement - luv ya girl! :-)

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