Book of Philemon Day 1: Details and Context

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Today's reading: Book of Philemon

We're going to spend the next few days looking over and considering the Book of Philemon, a letter written by Paul to a man named Philemon whose slave, Onesimus, had run away.

Although there are only 25 verses in this short Book, there are plenty of lessons for us to discover. But before we delve into looking at lessons, let's take today to simply ready through this letter, focusing on the details provided and getting some context so we can get the most out of this Book.

Look back through Philemon and write down and/or note as many details as possible. Then tell us a couple of things you noticed. I'll get us started. Here are three things I took note of from Philemon:

  • Paul's letter is quite personal;
  • The letter doesn't reveal anything about the why, when or how of Onesimus' running away from Philemon;
  • Paul has a deep love for both Philemon and Onesimus.
Okay--it's your turn! Tami

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Philemon was a valued ministry partner to Paul.

Demas, who we're told in 2 Timothy had abandoned the faith, is still ministering with Paul at this point.

Hello Tami,

In addition to things you mentioned, and perhaps in some cases, just a restatement of what you said.

I started to jot-down just 3 things, but my list kept growing. So, I changed it to "3+" things.

3+ things about the book of Philemon:
- Paul maintains contact with Christian friends.
- Paul mentions benefits of their efforts in the Christian faith.
- Paul entreats a fellow-Christian with Godly love rather than judgement.
- Paul emphasizes future benefits for an improved relationship between Philemon and Onesimus.
- Paul provides a certain example of Christ's sacifice by offering to pay anything Onesimus may owe.
- Paul professes confidence in Philemon's ability to choose the correct action.
- Paul supports his appeal to Philemon by including the greetings of others.
- Paul shows a common bond in Christ throughout his letter.

Onesinus is a slave to Phil, runaway, yet now a believer in Christ.
Paul led O to Christ.
Paul has a very close relationship with O, hence is confident to ask some very specific favors of him.

Onesinus is a slave to Phil, runaway, yet now a believer in Christ.
Paul led O to Christ.
Paul has a very close relationship with O, hence is confident to ask some very specific favors of him.

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