Acting Oppositely

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Today's reading: 2 Timothy 3:1-9

If I didn't know better, I'd think Paul had the 21st century in mind as he wrote 2 Timothy 3:1-9 because of the way his words so accurately depict the general attitude and mindset of the world today. Paul gives us information and alerts us about what to expect with regard to end times which is useful, but his words are also useful in that he puts before us, quite clearly, an example of the mindset and behaviors that God doesn't want to see in us or coming from us as believers. Wouldn't it be nice if these types of sinful behaviors would no longer be part of our lives once we receive Christ as our Savior? Unfortunately, that isn't the case because we all still have that sin nature in us, and it's constantly warring against our desire to do what's right and good. And, oh the allure of that subtle and sinful inner voice that tells us life should be all about us and doing whatever we want. (see Romans 7:14-25)

Take a look back over Paul's list of behaviors and identify one or two areas where you have a propensity to stumble (for me it's pride and self-centeredness). Do a little self-assessment to see how you're doing, and then ask God to help you resist the temptation to slide back into that particular behavior, as well as the others in this list. Tami

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The Scripture exposes members of the Church, which should come as a surprise, that they were prevalent in the early Church recorded in the Bible books when the Apostles were still around. They abound as much today as we know. I suspect that most likely all of the negative attributes apply to these Church members, not just one or two, since verse 6 points out that they are burdened, loaded down(NIV) with sins. We need not be troubled about them(despite the harm they are causing in the Church today) since in verse 8, it is clear that with respect to their Faith, they are rejected, disqualified - not counted as members of God's Church. It is however true that some of the attributes can apply to me at certain points in my life, such as being proud, not always grateful, losing my self-control on occasion. Let me be wary.

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