Above Reproach

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Today's reading: Titus 1:5-16

As we start into the Book of Titus, Paul, who has been in Crete with Titus, is now sending back instructions to Titus about appointing and putting in place church leaders. Two times in the span of just two verses Paul uses the phrase "above reproach" to describe to Titus the type of person he should be seeking out to hold these positions.

Those two words--above reproach--speak volumes to me as a follower of Christ. Because whether or not we're looking to be in church leadership, striving to live according to God's Word and doing what we know is right in all situations should be our goal.

What does today's passage reveal and show us about the meaning of the phrase "above reproach"? Is it your heart's desire to do what is right in all circumstances? What impact does praying and taking in God's Word have on your daily decisions? Tami

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Prayer and God's Word is the only way to even attempt to live above reproach. Without these two key components we do not stand a chance.

It's my desire, as a believer first, and also as a pastor myself, to live a life that reflects Christ in all that I do. The more I resemble Him, the more my life will be above reproach.

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