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Today's reading: I Kings 22:29-53

Despite the clear message of defeat and death delivered by Micaiah, Ahab and Jehoshaphat push forward and attack the Syrians at Ramoth Gilead. Now that isn't particularly surprising coming from Ahab with his history and track record. But it is surprising coming from Jehoshaphat, whom we're told was a king that followed God and did what was right in His eyes. Getting involved with Ahab, and later Ahaziah, were clearly poor choices on his part.

What does Jehoshaphat's example reveal about the influence and pull that relationships, peer pressure and things like power and wealth can have on our judgment and actions? Tami

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Jehoshaphat has always struck me as a bit of a pushover in high-pressure situations, based on what we read about him in this chapter. I don't know that his problem was the allure of power as much as simple intimidation.

I have a friend with acute leukemia- and her illness is very resistant to treatment. Can you refer me to an online prayer group? * I enjoy your Bible blog. Thank you . Jan D.


Thanks for letting us know about your friend. I prayed for her just now, and hopefully others who see the blog will do that as well. It’s so difficult to go through illness like this, but also difficult when you’re a supporting friend or caregiver because we want to help so badly yet we can’t take away any of the physical hurting and sickness. So thank you for your faithfulness in praying and for asking for other’s prayers. As for an online prayer group, I’m not really aware of any and don’t know where to direct you. I’m sure you’ve already put this request before your church, but other than that and places like posting here and on your Facebook page, I don’t have any other suggestions. Keep us posted and you’re welcome to continue to send in prayer requests to us. I will absolutely pray for them. Tami

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