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Today's reading: 1 Kings 10:14-29

Solomon's wealth was massive. So much so that I had a difficult time visualizing and comprehending all that is described in 1 Kings 10. The glimpse we're given of these riches reminded me of movies like National Treasure or Indiana Jones, but with one significant difference. In the movies, the focus or ultimate goal is to possess incredible amounts of money (and the power that comes with it). But we don't see this with Solomon. Yes, he had tons of money, but he didn't allow how much he had to consume his thinking and become his goal in life. How refreshing given that the goal of having money and things is the dominant message of the world, and a temptation that is constantly before us.

What did you learn from Solomon about having, handling and managing money as a follower of God? What helps you keep the correct perspective when it comes to your money? Tami

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God granted Solomon riches because he had asked for wisdom, and I think there's significance in that. Part of Solomon's wisdom was that he knew how to respond to and use wealth properly, in a way that glorified God and benefitted the people around him.

Brian, you're right that the blessings of riches were a side benefit of his request for wisdom. That request for wisdom was the best answer he could have given God.

His desire was to serve and help and bless others. We can do well emulating that part of Solomon's life. But what if we also ask for expanded blessings, expanded territory as Jabez did? What is our underlying reason or desire? If it is, like Solomon, then as God sees fit and as we are fit, He will bless us more and more, not anywhere like Solomon, but certainly more providing our aim and desire is to be a greater and greater blessing to others and for others in order to further God's kingdom.

Blessings can be many things, sometimes financial, sometimes influence, sometimes family, sometimes health, sometimes greater areas of service.

If our desire is to be of greater service for God, let's ask Him for more understanding and wisdom in order to be a blessing to more and more people.

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