Godly Return

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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 19:9-43

As David returns to Jerusalem, he encounters: Shimei, who cursed and disparaged David as he fled from Absalom; Mephibosheth, someone David loves like a son but whom he believes has turned against him because of a false report; and Barzillai, who supported and helped David and his men as they fled. How David responds to each of these individuals is pretty amazing, and provides us with some good food for thought about how we react and respond to people as we go through, and come out of, difficult situations.

Do you find it difficult to extend forgiveness to others? Does the degree or severity of the offense impact your willingness to forgive? When someone offers you a helping hand, is it your practice to thank them after the fact? Tami

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I really try to let go of offenses pretty quickly but it's hard sometimes especially if it has happened several times before. A family member hurt me a lot with his nasty words several months back and although I keep saying I forgive, it keeps coming back to my thoughts. I know that's just the devil. This has happened a couple of times before and I was the one to step up, reconcile and move on. This time I want so badly for him to do it but he just won't. Complete silence. It's like there is no concern whatsoever if we never even see each other again. It's so hurtful. Forgiveness can be very tough!
(And yes, when someone helps me I tell them thank you!!)

I think that forgiveness can be difficult for all of us to extend at times. Being able to extend it is part of the power of God's grace at work in our lives. Forgiven people are called to be forgiving people.

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