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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 17:1-29

God's faithfulness was the strong message that stood out to me as Absalom's plan to overthrow David as king continues to progress. Looking strictly at the circumstances, it appears that Absalom has the upper hand on David. He has momentum with the people and plans to move in for the kill to secure his position as king of Israel. But God is watching over and protecting David, and He has a different plan.

If you recall, in 2 Samuel 15 when David is weeping and leaving Jerusalem, he prays for God to "turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness" (2 Samuel 15:31). Well that's exactly what God does...although the details of how that takes place were different than what I expected. Instead of irrational counsel coming from Ahithophel, his advice to immediately pursue and attack David was actually good, but Absalom doesn't receive that way. He concludes that Ahithophel's advice isn't sound and chooses to follow the counsel of David's advocate, Hushai, instead. As we'll see, Absalom's decision will ultimately lead to his demise.

So what did you see or learn about God (His faithfulness, care, sovereignty, plan) from this portion of the story between David and Absalom? Has God ever protected, provided for or guided you in a way you didn't expect? Tami

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The best laid plans of human wisdom will never prevail against God!

For me personally, yes, God provids, leads, protects in many ways, most of them "little," but very clearly from Him!

God's ways are higher and greater than our ways, and this really does provide another example of that. He worked in a rather unexpected fashion in order to deliver David from this trouble.

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