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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 29:1-11

David's situation isn't a good one as we come to 1 Samuel 29. David, the man God has chosen and anointed to be the next king of Israel is aligned with the Philistines and getting ready to go to war against his own nation. Neither king Achish or David think this is a problem, but Achish's men think differently and demand that David not take part in the battle. As I took in this passage, I was struck by God's goodness and how He protected David through the demands of Achish's men to remove him from this situation.

God has done the same for me a number of times. The most memorable time of protection was quite a number of years ago when I was getting ready to start a new job that was going to require me to put in massive hours away from my husband. I knew in my heart that the situation wasn't the best for me, but was blinded by the prestige and large salary that came with the position. Right before I was supposed to start, a complication arose and I could no longer accept the position. I was devastated, but looking back now I can see that God was protecting me and my marriage. As I write this today, I am grateful. Thank you, God!!!

When has God stepped in and protected you? What does this chapter show us about God being a loving Father who watches over us? Tami

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What's even more amazing to think about us that God's protecting hand is very often unseen and unnoticed. I believe we'll be surprised to see just how many times and ways God's protected us.

I was wondering, how do we know that David being banned from participating in battle was an act of God protecting David?
Thank you,

*It seems to me, based on Ch 30, that David was indeed needed back at Ziklag, but being banned from participating in battle doesn't seem like an act of protection, but rather, as a way for God's will to be carried out.
Please, correct me if I am wrong and share your insight as to why you interpreted this reading as an act of protection. I'd love to be inspire by it as you and Brian both are.

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