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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 25:1-44

Today is day three and our last day to look at 1 Samuel 25. As we focus in on David, we see something a little different than what we're accustomed to for this chosen man of God. David has been greatly insulted by Nabal, and his immediate response is anger and indignation. So much so that he has gathered together his men and is on his way to repay Nabal for his mistreatment of David with the intent of wiping out his household. Thankfully, his anger didn't blind him to receiving and then listening to Abigail (a woman in a male dominated culture). And, he not only listens to Abigail, he changes his mind about getting revenge on Nabal, and then thanks God for sending Abigail whose words stopped him from killing many innocent people.

What was the most important thing you noticed or learned from David in this passage? What specifically did this passage reveal to you about anger? Tami

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The biggest thing I took from this passage was that we should not act on our anger take time to cool down and think about it.In this case it paid off for David to take time to listen to abigal about the situation and understand what gods plan was.

David's receptiveness to the Godly input of others made the difference here. He wasn't so bound and determined to go through with his plan that he wouldn't hear what was said to him.

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