Many Kings and Territories

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Today's reading: Joshua 12:1-13:33

We're taking in some big chunks of historical Scripture this week, and this type of reading (lists of facts and information) can be a little difficult to stick with and process. But since God included all this detail as part of His Word to us, it must be important to Him and important for us to know. So stay with me as we finish out Joshua. Let's look for things we can learn from these fact and detail heavy historical passages.

What did these chapters that recorded the defeat of many kings and the inheritance of lands reveal to you about God? What did they show you about Moses, Joshua and the Israelites? Tami

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It tells me that God keeps his word.

Details are important. He knew exactly who had been conquered and what He was giving each tribe as an inheritance. He was, and is, in control of the details.

One thing we're going to be seeing quite a bit of through this section of the book is the unfortunately incomplete obedience of the Israelites in driving out the people of the land. This is going to come back to haunt them in the centuries to come.

God was able to do great things for His people when they are obedient to Him. The Israelites achieved numerous victories and were even be able to defeat a coalition of forces of the 5 kings.
This fact is still relevent today. God will definately give us victory when we are totally obedient upon His word. He is a unchanging God.

God's plan for the Israelites included who would possess what land! He provided for each tribe! God fulfills his promises and His plans are complete - just as they are today!

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