Job Promotion

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Today's reading: Joshua 1:1-9

The opening verse sets the scene for the Book of Joshua. Moses has died and Joshua, Moses' right hand man, is receiving a promotion from God. He is now the new leader of the Israelites, a massive group of men, women and children. I can only imagine how Joshua must have felt taking on such a monumental task. But God didn't simply promote Joshua and then leave him to find his own way. God also provided words of reassurance, encouragement and guidance. He tells Joshua that He will always be with him and then gives the charge for Joshua to be "strong and courageous" and keep his focus on, and living alignment with, God's Law.

Think of a time when you felt overwhelmed or a little scared with a job, task or role that God put before you. How did you respond? Did focusing and meditating on God's Word help you "be strong and courageous"? Tami

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When I was a kid, I was a nonchristian back then. Anyway, my mother made me take singing lessons and piano lessons and I don't believe it was for my own good or because God wanted me to, because she wasn't Christian either, but I think it was because she wanted the attention and just for everyone to see how cute I looked singing and playing the piano. Anyway when I did it she would always criticize me and tell me I shouldn't sing high because it's not in my range, which it is, so I stopped singing and playing the piano. When I became a Christian at age 21, I realized that God was actually calling me to do that, but I wasn't listening. I was always afraid that everybody would criticize me, since my mother did. So I did some special musics at my church. Then, just last year, I bought myself a keyboard so I could practice; I still need to get a microphone yet, but when I wasn't listening to God I was very depressed with myself because I wasn't following my dream or following him. But now I'm very happy and proud of myself that I'm working on it now. Since I've been reading the Lord's word every day, that has encouraged me to do what he's calling me to do.

So many times I can't begin to count them! And God has always come through with the answer of comfort and encouragement through prayer and through His word! Hallelujah!

We serve a trustworthy God who is faithful to His promise to provide us peace and abide with us in the midst of the trials of life.

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